Library Fishing Report Lake Erie Tributaries

Lake Erie Tributaries

From: 09/14/2017
To: 09/14/2017
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Steelhead
The Steelhead fishing in the Lake Erie Tributaries, specifically the Pennsylvania tribs, is very dependent upon rainfall to ensure adequate water depth and temperatures for the Steelhead to run. With this in mind it is very difficult to schedule our clients fishing trips with these hit or miss weather patterns. So in an effort to better serve our clients I started scouting some possible waters outside of our normal fishing areas that don't necessarily need rain for the fish to run. After some online research, and consulting with a few fellow fishermen I decided on New York.

The day was sunny with no clouds and a high temperature of 70 degrees (felt hotter), with a low temperature of 63 degrees. Water temperatures varied from low 60's to upper 60' s. This body of water has a lot of un View more...


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