Library Fishing Report Lake Erie Tributaries

Lake Erie Tributaries

From: 10/21/2017
To: 10/22/2017
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Steelhead
Great few days fishing. Lots of fish willing to take a swung fly high in the water column. Even found a fish willing to commit to a skated bomber but lost it. Epic. With the high clarity and warm temps fish were skittish but willing to move if you fished a stealthy presentation. While we did hit some fish right off the bat on a sink tip, a floating poly leader and long additional leader attached was the ticket. Ended up hooking up around 30 in two days. Looking ahead at the forecast, we have rain and dropping temps coming. Though this will undoubtedly bring in a ton more fish, it is probably the end of floating line season. But what a season it was!


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