Library Fishing Report Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

From: 04/01/2019
To: 04/15/2019
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Smallmouth Bass
I’ve had the privilege of pursuing smallmouth bass on the fly in almost every state where they’re native as well as others where they are now wild. They are my favorite fish. One of my friends recently told me that smallmouth bass are my spirit animals. I provide this little slice of my background with smallmouth bass because Nate and I have been contemplating an idea that some might think would tarnish my love for the species or for angling in general. However - we’re confident that it won’t. Here it is: It’s our personal goal to set the fly tackle world record for smallmouth bass.

Take it Easy – Keep Reading

I’m not trying to make a case that I’m a talented smallmouth bass angler. I’m just a guy who happily pursues them on the fly, has had some pretty good View more...


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