Library Fishing Report Ljubljanica River

Ljubljanica River

From: 10/26/2018
To: 10/26/2018
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Pike
I and my buddy Miha we share a special bond, and that is an obsession with our predatory fish pike. What's even more important, it only counts on a fly for us. And almost every time we get together something special is about to unfold. That late October morning wasn't any exception.
We went for a short before noon session at our local river Ljubljanica. Toothy creatures were the game, and it was EPIC! Pikes that day were super aggressive, on some occasions they were flying out of the water to smash our big black streamers. In just a few hours we landed four pikes, the biggest one was over 80 cm.
**We were using heavy 10wt rods (Beulah Opal or Scott Tidal Muskie - Pike Special) and reels (Waterworks-Lamson Remix HD 4) with sinking lines (Airflo Deepfinder Big Game) to get our streamers de View more...


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