Place: midlands
From: 07/01/2015
To: 08/04/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout
While I had a ball of a time in the autumn, I had a slow patch through July when it comes to fly fishing. There was a lot of work, a family holiday and some time under general anaesthetic thrown in there. Come to think of it there are one or two parts I would have like to have had covered by that “full general”, but that aside, I didn’t fish much.

Being winter, it is of course stillwater season here. And it is cold and windy, but with a pale watery sunshine, that would warm you if the wind stopped. And then only when the frost has meleted.

I had two hours out on a small piece of water over which the owners house faces, and I ended up feeling more as though I was part of his noisy garden party than anything else. My colleague got a fish with a big kype that wasn’t far off f View more...


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