Library Fishing Report Parque Nacional Los Alerces

Parque Nacional Los Alerces

From: 12/06/2018
To: 12/10/2018
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout

Last week we received the visit of our friends Oscar and Daniel Martinez from Puerto Madryn. They were interested in fishing in Los Alerces National Park, since they couldn’t do it last season. In order to simplify the logistics, we spent two nights at Gonzalo’s Le Fario Lodge, our friend and guide, where we could enjoy the delicatessen of Laura’s cuisine, his wife.

The fishing was made with big attractors, floating lines and #5 rods, casting from the boat to the trunks lying on the coast. We went all over Futalaufquen Lake and Krugger Lake shores. We had very good Browns and Rainbows caughts, as you can appreciate in the attached photos. The weather accompanied very well with sunny days and a fresh breeze from the Northwest.

Both, father and son, fans of Rive View more...


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