Library Fishing Report Salza River, Austria

Salza River, Austria

From: 09/19/2020
To: 09/19/2020
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout
A myth is over.
Probably someone of us, has read something about this famous stretch of water in the beautiful Salza Valley - Austria; it was one of the finest flyfisher jewel in the past decades...when graylings over 50 cm. were really common during a fishing party.
Every year is getting worse than worse, but the crazy due to cast a line in there remain overpriced, rather than quality of fishing. Probably a good marketing to sell more daycards. This remain the best "fly" to catch anglers from all Europe.
At my age numbers are not the main goal; I like to fish with beauty around, spending a lovely day in a "pristine" valley. I used to fish every autumn and every year there; without any doubts the river is totally changed.
Little rainbows and browns are the pattern of the day. Some tin View more...


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