Library Fishing Report Santa Cruz Steelhead

Santa Cruz Steelhead

From: 03/21/2015
To: 03/27/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Steelhead
It was more than a decade ago when we started thinking about the idea of building an operation in the Santa Cruz river. There were some attempts on the way but it was 4 years ago when we finally found the place in the river and the spot for our camp.
We can proudly say our Santa Cruz Steelhead program is now on and we’ve had our official first group, the pioneers, Justin and Alain.
After their week in Solid Adventures prime destination “Las Buitreras” they tried our Steelhead operation at Los Plateados, only 4 hour drive away. An achievement in cooperation between Tres Amigos Outfitters and Solid Adventures.
Justin, already a follower of our destinations was twice doing Santa Cruz before, some time ago, upriver. He was now ready to check the new spot, pools, guides View more...


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