Library Fishing Report Sava Bohinjka River

Sava Bohinjka River

From: 01/29/2020
To: 01/29/2020
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Danube Salmon - Hucho Hucho
WOOOW... I believe there is some thing here that might get your interest! As far back as I remember (and my memory is not bad) I can not find a Fly Fisherman, who would be landing TWO (2) METER PLUS SIZED HUCHOS IN ONE SINGLE DAY!!!!!! But Hucho-hucho fishing is full of surprises and what seemed to be impossible to achieve - happened yesterday! Visiting team of CH anglers, Robin Ruffini and Andy Furrer on their 1st time visit in Slovenia, chasing Hucho on the Sava Bohinjka river.. Day 1 went by with a lost strike, which was a stressful experience, especially since that might be the only strike of their visit.. But the faith had other plans... Day 2 a shower of the rain milked up the river a bit.. When already wanting to leave the pool, AL got that special feeling - go, Robin, make one more View more...


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