Sava River

Place: Sava River
From: 03/18/2019
To: 03/18/2019
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Grayling
Dear Fly Fisherman... While here in Europe majority of the Fly fishing audience still waits for the main 2019 fly fishing season opens with April 1st, few already tasted the joys of fly rod being bend down to the handle! Three rivers of Slovenia already open in March and the most impatient anglers always go fly fishing on them! This time we joined with a cam to provide some material for our respected followers - tour was not in vane! Regardless the levels of the SAVA RIVER were not low, finding a quite pockets along the main current was the key! Nymph needed to go down to the bottom.. no action on the surface or mid-layer river areas.. being down and being small was the key! Two wild `bows bend warmed up the hands, before this two awesome Graylings checked in - almost one after the other! View more...


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