Library Fishing Report Snapper Creek

Snapper Creek

From: 11/30/2015
To: 11/30/2015
Type of Water: Saltwater
Species: Tarpon
With all the recent rain fall in South Florida, it has caused the levees to open either partially, half way or fully. They are more open than in recent years, especially in Miami. This causes the transitional species such as snook & tarpon, among others to be present in both fresh & saltwater. Although this report is in "saltwater", it is actually a "FRESHWATER" report on tarpon, found more than 25 miles inland. Far from the brackish waters found very close to the Bay or Atlantic Ocean East side, The Gulf west side. There wasn't a freshwater tarpon selection.

Dinks to yeralings can be found almost anywhere. Look for structure related areas like limestone points with a good drop or depth, bridges, culverts or pilings. Smaller tarpons usually travel in small schools, if you get shorts str View more...


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