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Special Waters

From: 03/01/2022
To: 03/01/2022
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Chinook salmon, Brook trout
The current season has been a special one, full of surprises and new friends in the middle of a pandemic that seems to have got attached to us and does not want to leave us.

With this in mind and taking advantage of this slot of leisure time that beginning of March offered us, Martin and I went fishing during our free time, the way we, the fans of this wonderful sport, hobby or whatever each one may consider it, do.

It had been quite a long time, since we were trying to reach a lagoon that was part of our “special waters”, to which we have lost access due to the fact we could not find our host. But this would be one of those special days that season would gift us, granting us the access after months of failure……and it would be worth.

It was a rather cold, windy day with no View more...


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