Library Fishing Report Spring Branch Creek

Spring Branch Creek

From: 12/16/2014
To: 12/16/2014
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Brook trout
Its that time of year. With low flows and clear cold water, small flies and small tippets become necessities. This weekend was a warm, by Iowa standards, 40 degrees. We fished a small spring creek that had a good number of browns and rainbows stacked up in the deeper slower moving holes. We fished 7x and small black beauty midges, which produced a number of fish. This is the time of year Strike Foundry's curled indicators excel, especially when coupled with soft rods to protect the lighter tippet being used. These fish would have surely spooked if fished with normal indicators. The increased sensitivity of the curlies is just an added bonus, as most of the midge takes are very subtle. So, while it may not be as much fun as having your size 6 grasshopper destroyed during the summer, it is s View more...


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Cody Burgdorff

Cody Burgdorff

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