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streams and stillwaters

From: 11/08/2014
To: 11/27/2014
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout
Since I last wrote, we have had pockets of storms here and there, in the normal unpredictable summer way of things. Then on Monday of this week, it seems that just about everyone had a “hum-dinger”. I had seen the Umgeni river on Saturday and it was looking lovely: clear as a bell, but the flow up enough to make it very fishable. By Wednesday a farmer reported to me that it was chocolate brown and going like a steam train.
Every river needs a good flush out in summer, and I guess that for the Umgeni at least, this is the start of it.
I had been on the river on Saturday together with other enthusiastic members of the NFFC, and we were fighting round two against wattles and brambles, that threaten to choke this lovely stream, and others.

The problem with these wattles is that View more...


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