Library Fishing Report Strobel Lake, Barrancoso river and Moro creek

Strobel Lake, Barrancoso river and Moro creek

From: 11/08/2014
To: 11/15/2014
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout
Estancia Laguna Verde lodge

Week: 2
Date: November 8 to 15 2014
Report: Martin Robino (head guide)

Weather conditions:
• Water conditions: Barrancoso river and Moro creek were running with good water levels, with good conditions for fishing
• Temperatures: cold temperatures in most of the week, and with strong winds most of the week

Top 5 Places:
1. Moro Creek (sections 3 and 4)
2. Barrancoso river
3. Sea Bay
4. Monsters Bay
5. Finger Bay

Top 5 Flies:
1 Leech Olive
2 BH Prince Nymph.
3 Copper John
4 Wooly bugger Black and blue flashabou
5 Mouse patterns (Hemorroidal Mouse, Deer hair Mouse, Morrish Mouse, all used to fish Moro Creek and Barrancoso)

Strobel Lake: Lake Strobel fished strong throughout the week, even though condition View more...


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