Place: Taneycomo
From: 03/02/2015
To: 03/02/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout
Fairly consistent low water has been a blessing on the Ozarks premier tailwater! The winter weather hasn't stopped the fish from feeding, and low(er) flows have provided some very exciting midge fishing. I've been fishing a variety of midge larvae/pupae, including olive, black and tan Zebra midges. Disco midges in pearl, blue flash and olive flash. Wilsons trout crack has been my go-to when things slow down. Sizes 18-22 on all. 7x, and long leader/tippet combos have been the norm. Tip: I fish doubles a ton. Mostly two life cycle variations of the midge, like a larvae/pupae combo. To save time, I rig a few of these up before hand. I wrap them around a small piece of foam for safe keeping. Really helps when your hands are frozen!


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