Library Fishing Report Te Anau Fiordland

Te Anau Fiordland

From: 10/04/2019
To: 10/04/2019
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout
Opening Day New Zealand - Fiordland Fishing Guide - Review

As a fishing guide and fly fishing addict the opening of the fishing season here in New Zealand doesn’t seem to come quick enough. As photos filter in thru facebook and instagram from our friends ‘Across the Ditch’ in Ozzie land the anticipation is palpable.. There season opens earlier than ours by a month. You can only watch and pound the like button in support of your fellow minded foe knowing it’s not long till your time comes.

Due to the amazing access we now have to weather forecasting sites on the internet most Kiwi anglers will be planning there attack a week out from opening. Weather forecasts are never a guarantee but in this day and age you get a fair idea of what your in for. It’s almost uncanny but for View more...


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