Library Fishing Report The river Sava Dolinka - The reservoir Moste

The river Sava Dolinka - The reservoir Moste

From: 06/22/2015
To: 06/22/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout
Flyfishing for a wild fish at Sava Dolinka river and reservoire is for those who are searchers- searchers for a big wild trouts. The river is inhibated with rainbow trouts, brown trouts and lake trouts. Fish specimens are really big. Smallest fish i caught here was 45cm brown trout. Fish ussually reach in size up to 75-80 cm. As they are all wild they fight so strong, so that we use 0,18mm tippets or fluocarbon 0,22-0,25mm(4-6kilo=8pounds). However fishing is mostly tough, but when you get right conditins on the water you can catch them in large numbers.


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