Library Fishing Report Toketee Lake

Toketee Lake

From: 07/06/2019
To: 07/06/2019
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Brown trout
Hi, I’m Elena, Rusty’s wife. My husband is a real outdoorsman and fly fisherman, so he spends very little time on the computer. When he comes home from a fly fishing outing, I love listening to his stories about fly fishing and/or hiking with the customers and his veteran friends. So, I can’t let these stories remain just between him and I (pretty much), and I don’t want them to remain forgotten.

On the first weekend after July 4, Rusty had a family of 4 with 2 kids (10 and 13 years old) who booked guided fly fishing on the upper North Umpqua River. The children’s grandfather who is a fly fisherman wanted to introduce fly fishing to them. He and the parents were skeptical that the kids would like fly fishing. But… at the end of the day their grandfather said that the guided View more...


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