Place: walnut
From: 11/11/2017
To: 11/11/2017
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Steelhead
I guided two great guys who also happen to be awesome fly anglers for Lake Erie Steelhead. Jim is from New Hampshire and was coming to Steelhead Alley for the first time. Rob hails from Massachusetts and it was his second trip to Erie with the first being the weekend before.

We had some good rain the previous week but the tribs were already on the way down and getting clear so we had our work cut out trying to find unpressured fish that were eager to bite. I picked a small local stream that I know of that holds it's flow a tad bit longer than the others and that's where we started and ultimately finished our day.

My truck thermometer read 14 degrees but we weren't gong to have time to worry about cold temps because the fishing was on fire from the start. Jim showed off his fly fis View more...


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