Place: walnut
From: 11/12/2017
To: 11/12/2017
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Steelhead
Nothing brings me any more pleasure than helping someone catch their first fish on a fly rod, or guiding someone to their first Steelhead or Wild Trout for that matter. There is a certain amount of pride involved in watching that person follow your instruction and succeed in accomplishing that goal. That was the case with this young lady when she caught her first Steelhead and her first ever fish on a fly rod!

The conditions were less than ideal with low clear water and a frigid wind from the North. After some initial instruction I put Ashley in a productive run that had a few fish holding in it. She took to the casting very well and it wasn't long before she was drifting like a seasoned pro. But despite her awesome presentation the fish remained lock jawed and wound't bite. I changed View more...


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