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Video - Bank Saver Nymph

This pattern comes from Pat Dorsey's Colorado Guide Flies ( and was designed by Blue Quill Angler co-owner Steve Parrott. This fly has a number of elements that I like in a fly. A fat nymph profile, hot spot, and a heavy weighted bead head. You could even add a little extra weight in the form of some wire or lead behind the bead. I'll be pitching this fly into some small creek pockets waters come the spring, but I think the pattern has good prospects for fishing deeper waters under a strike indicator or even fishing stillwater with a cast and retrieve. Bank Saver (Steve Parrott) Fly Recipe Hook: Firehole 633 #12-16 Bead: Black tungsten Thread: 8/0 (70d) black Tail: Ringneck pheasant tail fibers Backstrap: Ringneck pheasant tail fibers Flashback: Mirage flash Ribbing: Red Ultrawire (small or xs) Body: Tan rainbow Sow Scud dubb Hot Spot: Hot Pink (fuchsia) Laser dubb Thorax: Brown Haretron or Angora goat dubb


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