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Video - Blueback Trout Thunder Creek Minnow

The Thunder Creek series of flies was created by fisherman and commercial tyer Keith Fulsher of Eastchester, NY. The fly was developed because he felt the standard minnow tying method of a large thread head with painted eyes didn't properly represent the naturals. Keith's reverse tied bucktails added detail and allowed for a variety of patterns to be tied with the method. (books listed below). This pattern, the blueback trout, comes from the expanded book done in collaboration with David Klausmeyer and includes additional patterns for fresh and saltwater. For hooks, the Partridge CS5 and the Gaelic Supreme Thunder Creek are my 2 goto models. Others that might fit the bill include Mustad 36620, Daiichi 1750, 2370, and TMC 9395. The straight eye hooks can be tough to find. The head can be weighted with a few wraps of non-lead wire. The finish on the head can be done with UV resin as I have done in the video, but epoxy or several coats of clear lacquer will also work. Blueback Trout Thunder Creek Hook: Partridge CS5 #2-8 Weight: Optional non-lead wire Thread: White 8/0 (70d) Flanks: Blue crystal flash & orange bucktail Belly: White bucktail Back: Blue & Black bucktail Throat: Red paint Eyes: Yellow paint with a dot of black paint Coating: Solarez thin hard & Bone dry*


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