Library Video Freshwater Video - Dry Fly Chub April 2016 - Dry or Die

Video - Dry Fly Chub April 2016 - Dry or Die

First chance in season when the waterlevel, air and water temprature match perfectly the first major hatch of smaller Mayfly will start pretty sure. Now its time for "Dry or Die". Spotting the big rising Chubs is quiete easy, sneak on them a little harder. To cast, especially for me is really hard. Mostly they prefer overhanging trees and sunken trees. At least choose a nice Dry Fly but thats not the point, at this time in April they ate almost everything whats looks like an insect. This is my third year in row fishing them, but this time with flies tied on my own. Actually its a CDC Mayfly pattern by Marc Petijean. A Dun full of CDC except the Pardo tail tied on a hook #14 in differnt colours, works pretty well. There is still the casting problem... but see for yourself!


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