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Video - Flashback Damsel Nymph

This is a great pattern to fish your favorite stillwater from April into November. I like to cast these over weed beds and close to shore reeds. Use a slow retrieve and move your rod tip side to side slightly. This helps impart some natural movement to the fly. You can tie the fly in a range of colors, olive is my goto, but light yellows, olives, brown and dun colors all work well. If you want a lighter fly, use an eye made from monofilament. If you want a heavier fly, brass eyes will work well. ??? Flashback Damsel Nymph Fly Pattern Recipe ??? Hook: Firehole 718 #8-12 Thread: Olive 8/0 70d Eyes: 3.2mm bead chain black Tail: Olive marabou Ribbing: Gold wire (BR) Flashback: Pearl tinsel large Body: Olive Antron dubbing (mixed) Collar: Ringneck pheasant (olive) Head: Olive Antron dubbing (mixed)


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