Library Video Freshwater Video - Fly Fishing Freedom (Large Browns in NZ)

Video - Fly Fishing Freedom (Large Browns in NZ)

With the world in the fierce grip of a global pandemic, there are few places in the world where anglers have the freedom to roam and fish with unrestricted access and companionship. New Zealand is one of the few... Although we miss our international friends and our guiding industry is on it's knees, there is a shining light at the end of a long and gloomy tunnel - FREEDOM TO FISH! Join myself (Mike Kirkpatrick) and good mate Hans Kreuer, as we embark on a three day trip in search of some large brown trout, with the unsettled spring weather looking to finally relent into some fine days. And, PLEASE 'Like and SUBSCRIBE' to see more of my content and hit the NOTIFICATION Bell to be alerted to new content so you don't miss out. Enjoy!!


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