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Video - Fly Tying the Christmas Chironomid

The X-mas Chronie was designed by Mike (Doc) Monteith from Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. Mike invented this pattern at a Flies 'N' Beer night, a monthly event held by members of the Northern Light Fly Fishers and Tyers. The fly is a good representation of the Green Red Butt Chironomid Pupa that occurs in the ponds and lakes of Alberta and BC. Mike had a hunch this would be a killer fly for the local lakes and sure enough, the first trip out to Muir Lake proved the hunch correct. The stocked rainbow trout in the lake were hard pressed to leave it alone. Christmas Chironomid fly pattern recipe Hook: Mustad C49s Bead: Black brass Thread: Black 8/0 (70d) Butt: Red holo tinsel Rib: Fine copper wire Body: Green holo tinsel Thorax: Peacock herl


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