Library Video Video - Hucho hucho fly fishing

Video - Hucho hucho fly fishing

A few footage footage during fly fishing. I intentionally write "fly fishing". I printed them over 10 pieces, it is likely that we will get out of this year's stick, will not decide on a few more attempts that are not available. At the beginning it is possible to estimate about 110 cm ... if you can estimate, let yourself be learned. I also had other contacts with my heads, I couldn't follow anything, I didn't take a nymph or stop moving - I couldn't find and unravel, but I couldn't find me after fighting the grayling. Caught persons were on the bottom sight. Rainbow in about 51 seconds to send immediately by mail so you already know it goes after your head - t. j. ten hacks on my part couldn't be extra extra. After the attack on the head, no superficial injuries can be seen and sailed away in no time. All fish were considered to be released into the water in the shortest time and with the utmost caution and as visible, without harming all those filled. Tools: Hanák Wawe nymph rod AFMA 3 and 275 cm, Hanák superlight 3/4 reel, AFTMA 3 sciera line, flour-carbon 0.14 mm. DAM Tectan and Hanák.


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