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Video - Ice Cream Cone Mullet

I wanted to make a fly that is light and easy to cast, but also has a wide profile and pushes lots of water. I am heading to Corpus Christi TX after hurricane Harvey to do some fly fishing and help my friend do some repairs on his house. I wanted to make a mullet fly that doesn't soak up water, and is rather easy to cast with a 6wt rod. Right now, finger mullet are the best bait for reds and speckled trout, so I am hoping this fly will work great for them. The SF fiber has lots of sparkle in it, so it will be flashy, and also see through. Here is a list of materials I used on this fly Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 in size 1/0 Thread: Danville 210 flat waxed in black Belly Fiber: SF Blend Fiber in White (clear) Top Fiber: SF Blend Fiber in Black (midnight Blitz) Tubing: Crinoline Tubing


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