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Video - Sabalo Gigante: Chasing the Silver King

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have been chasing tarpon since I was a child. The Tarpon has been my biggest nemesis. The hardest species for me to catch. I had yet to ever hold a tarpon in my life. I have been so close to catching tarpon too many times. Having them come off boat side, Jump out of my hand and land on the tippet and snap it off, 80lbr's wrap them self up in the leader on a jump, Come out the other side of a bridge and jump and pop me off on the bridge. This video was really about FINALLY catching a tarpon. Finally getting that photo holding up a tarpon. In the video, it shows Mario's first tarpon as well. Honestly, it's like we have failed time after time on getting the big fish. So we took an easier route or stepping stone if you will. Ultimately, we will get a big fish boat side. Granted, a large fish will not be brought out of the water. When I was just a child in the early 90s, I remember going to the Navy base in Key West with my parents to pick up a load of cuban refugees. For my grandfather was the creator of the housing facility called "La Casa Los Balseros" (The House of the Rafters). I remember standing on the seawall and pointing down to what appeared to be chrome water. I pointed it out to my parents and said "I want to catch one of those". They told me "No you don't, they're no good. You cannot eat them". This was in 1992. It took all these years to finally do it. About a year ago, I wanted to make a tarpon video titled "Sabalo Gigante" talking about just that. But I have failed to get the footage that I needed. So I figured I'd have a little fun with it and put this video out. I will ultimately get that video done. It's been on my list for quite sometime. If only I would stop molesting all the redfish in Flamingo, I'll refocus and put in the work back into capturing big tarpon. catching these little guys in the back country lagoons reignited that drive to chase tarpon. I Do NOT own the rights to the Music. Nor intend to infringe on any Copyright Laws. All Credits go to their rightful Owners. Music: Asap Rocky - Goldie Chiodos - Expired in Goreville Brock Butler - Pusherman Cover


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