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Video - Squishy Head Bluegill

A while back I created a fly that I called "the fat head squishy streamer". This was a perch color pattern and shape. These flies utilized a special long fiber dry fly dubbing from Fly Tiers Dungeon. Then I created a shell of flexible UV curing resin to give the fly a special jerk bait type motion. It kept the fly sinking very slowly, and allowed for a side to side "walk the dog" type motion. Keep in mind, the technique of using flexible UV resin is not my invention, I have seen others do this. However I haven't ever seen anyone use it with a dry fly (high floating) dubbing. This fly was very popular, and I have had a lot of requests for different color patterns. For a long time I have wanted to make a bluegill pattern, but bullfrog dubbing didn't come in blue, which I needed for the pattern. Finally Fly Tiers Dungeon came out with a dubbing they call "arctic snow" and it comes in lots of bright and colorful blends. Finally a squishy head streamer in a a bluegill pattern! What is different however is how this fly is shaped. The original was cylindrical, so it was as fat as it was tall. However this fly is very flat, yet tall, just like a bluegill. Which gives it even better side to side and gliding motion, just like a dying bluegill. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - size 1/0 Thread: Danville 210 flat waxed - white Dubbing: Bullfrog dubbing - white, olive, dark olive & yellow Starburst dubbing - pearl & olive Arctic Wind - hot orange, aqua blue, royal blue Eyes: 3D eyes - 8mm, gold Resin: Solarez - flex formula Sharpie: dark green


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