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3-Ply Synthetic Quill Nymph

Most of my micro nymphs have evolved into a multiribbed abdomen, the results have been very good- to the extent that I no longer start with my former "confidence" flies of 20 years! Sinks quickly, brown trout seem to love white on nymphs, and the loop dubbed spiky thorax may help imitate clingers, View more...
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						3-Ply Synthetic Quill Nymph
List of materials
Hook: Tiemco 900BL #18-20 or equivalent
Thread: Olive Brown UTC 140
Bead: 5/64 White Tungsten
Tails: Coq de Leon, Speckled hen, or substitute
Abdomen: Tapered thread with two more layers:
Rib 1: UV White Pearl Body Quill
Rib 2: X-Fine Copper Ultra Wire
Wingcase: Black Thin Skin or 1/8" Scud Back (optional opal tinsel over top)
Thorax: SLF brown Spiky Squirrel and Arizona blends chocolate brown: 50/50
I use the split thread technique to get a full, buggy, shaggy effect. View more...

Step 1

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