Bomber Fly

Bombers and their relatives, Buck Bugs, are flies from New Brunswick, born in the famous Miramichi River. These deer hair flies have then found a place in remote distant waters such as those in cold Russia, Pacific steelhead rivers and windy spots from Patagonia.There are also many techniques to fis View more...
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List of materials
Tying MaterialsHook: Daiichi 2220 or 2271, sizes 2 to 12.Thread: Monochord Chartreuse.Tail: red calf tail hair.Body: deer hair, Chartreuse and natural color.Hackle: Saddle hackle, Coachman Brown or Brown.Wing: White calf tail hair.Butt: Fluorescent Dubbing, Chartreuse.

Step 1

Finished fly view.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 1

Step 2

Tie a bundle of red calf tail using a hair stacker to even it out.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 2

Step 3

Tie the first bundle of chartreuse deer hair,leave some space. Place the bundle on top, make two loose turns in the sameplace. Tighten. The deer hair should then get distributed around the hook symmetrically.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 3

Step 4

Tie the second chartreuse deer hair. Press andpush with a hair packer.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 4

Step 5

Now the natural color hair. Short, thick andsoft. Use the hair packer for it.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 5

Step 6

Add and press more of this hair up close to thehook eye. Leave space for the wing. Tie and cut.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 6

Step 7

Take the fly off the vise and trim. This one iscigar shaped but this can be changed. Leave the spaces at the tips. Usesharp scissors.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 7

Step 8

Tie the White calf hair, use a stacker to eventhe hairs. The inclination angle of the wing will determine the moves of thefly in the water. Pointing up or straight forward are the most common.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 8

Step 9

Tie the Brown saddle feathers, one or two. Go backto the tail in a spiraling way. Set this firmly with the thread. Trim thehackles neatly. Use somechartreuse dubbing in the thread and shape the butt with a 4 to 5 turns knot. Cementthe head.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 9

Step 10

Finished fly.

Fly tying - Bomber - Step 10


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