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Chartreuse Bass Popper

Extra tuff fresh water popper
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Chartreuse Bass Popper
List of materials
Foam popper head Craft fur Krystal Flash Later scale flash Marabou Chartreuse Grizzly hackle Barred round rubber legs

Step 1

1. Glue the popper head to a Mustad popper hook
2. Epoxy the foam head
3. Paint the head
4. Add 3-D eyes
5. Epoxy the head again
6. Add Chartreuse Craft fur
7. Add Krystal flash and later scale flash
8. Tie on Chartreus dye Grizzly hackle on both sides
9. Add 2 wrapps of Chartreuse Marabou
10. tie on 2 Chartreuse Grizzly hackles between the Maraboue and the popper head
11. Drill 1,5 mm hole for the 4 Barred round rubber legs View more...

Fly tying - Chartreuse Bass Popper - Step 1


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