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Nymph fly-fishermen from Europe use a kind of fly named Czech Nymph, that was created by polish anglers. The models differ because of their braided abdomen, modified by Czech anglers who mainly use dubbing for this part of the fly. Almost all of them are tied on curved hooks like Sedge or Gammarus. View more...
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List of materials
Tying Materials Hook: Sedge type or curved. Choose one with thick or medium wire. I used a Daiichi 1120 #6 for this one.Thread: 3/0 or any thick flat thread to cover the lead wire, white color. Then a dark one, 6/0 or 8/0.Lead wire: the weight of the fly depends on this, so I recommend you have three different weights so you can adapt to varying water depths and speed.Head: 3/16” of an inch, or tungsten 4.8 mm, on a #6 hook.Abdomen: Small Krystal Hackle, olive color.Thorax: Smal Krystal hackle View more...

Step 1

Place the nymph head in the hook, and make a base of fine thread to lock the it.

Fly tying - CZECH NYMPH - Step 1

Step 2

Tie and withdraw the thread. Add some cianoacrylate on the thread base and slide the head where it will remain, setting the eyes correctly. Place the lead wire with tight turns. One tip to get a fine beginning of the abdomen: press the lead a bit before wrapping it so it´s thinner and finer at the tip.

Fly tying - CZECH NYMPH - Step 2

Step 3

With the thick flat thread, white color, cover the lead as you tie the monofilament for the ribbing. Two turns of white thread should be enough. Try not to thicken too much the abdomen, then cover with transparent lacquer to seal the lead that would make the fly rusty instead.

Fly tying - CZECH NYMPH - Step 3

Step 4

Tie the olive Krystal hackle and shape the abdomen combing the fibers towards the back.

Fly tying - CZECH NYMPH - Step 4

Step 5

Change to the fine dark thread, tying the strap that will make the back towards the front and also the Krystal Hackle with which we will make the thorax and the legs.

Fly tying - CZECH NYMPH - Step 5

Step 6

Wrap the thorax and tie it right next to the head, leaving the thread there. Lower the strap of Skinny Skin or PVC with your hand, putting some pressure so it covers the dorsal section with no wrinkles. Make the ribbing with the monofilament to hold the back and shape the sections. Once you reach the head, hold the monofilament with the thread first. The monofilament should point towards the front and then to the back so it attaches everything correctly. Trim neatly. Leave just a tip at the View more...

Fly tying - CZECH NYMPH - Step 6

Step 7

Finish the nymph applying some cianoacrylate on the thread and painting the upper section of the thorax segments with black permanent marker.

Fly tying - CZECH NYMPH - Step 7


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