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Dorado Toad

Thinking on the way golden dorados see the flies, I came up with a design that has a silhouette that works well when seen both from the side and from below. With that in mind, I used materials for the head as the ones used on the side on tarpon Toads, but changing the way in which the material is ti View more...
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Dorado Toad
List of materials
Tying MaterialsHook: Daiichi 3111, 4/0 to 6/0.Thread: Uni Cord, black.Eyes: lead, color matching the fly.Tail: Steve Farrar´s SF Flash Bend, colors Midnight Blitz and red.Collar: red Marabou.Sides: Mirror Image, black.

Step 1

Start by tying a bundle of SF Midnight. Then tie a red bundle below it. Bend it towards the back, and take the thread to the SF so we get the correct inclination.

Fly tying - Dorado Toad - Step 1

Step 2

Add more bundles below and on top to make the tail, which we then trim. The picture shows a good side silhouette.

Fly tying - Dorado Toad - Step 2

Step 3

Take a long-fiber red marabou feather and tie it by its tip.

Fly tying - Dorado Toad - Step 3

Step 4

As if it were a hackle, comb the marabou feather towards the hook bend and wrap it neatly, making sure to comb the fibers as we tie it, so it has an elegant inclination.

Fly tying - Dorado Toad - Step 4

Step 5

Place the eyes. These can be lead, bronze or plastic according to the water and techniques we will use.

Fly tying - Dorado Toad - Step 5

Step 6

Tie a black Mirror Image bundle at each side (not crossed as on the original Toads).

Fly tying - Dorado Toad - Step 6

Step 7

Bend each strap towards the back and tie bundles at each side towards the eyes of the fly. The picture shows the sides with no trimming.

Fly tying - Dorado Toad - Step 7

Step 8

Trim the sides so that the fly, seen from below, has an important and flat silhouette; ideal to resemble catfish. The picture shows the fly seen from the top.

Fly tying - Dorado Toad - Step 8


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