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M.M. Silver Mojarra

I started experimenting with models that imitate minnows after several trips to the main golden dorado destinations, such as Goya, Esquina and La Paz, all in Argentina. During certain moments of the season, millions of minnows migrate along the coasts of the Paraná and other rivers, giving an View more...
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M.M. Silver Mojarra
List of materials
MATERIALSHook: DAIICHI 2456, sizes1/0 to 3/0.Thread: 6/0 white, or transparent nylon of .10mm.Tail: 2 saddle hackles or schlapen, orange color.Inside body: Mylar tube, pearled or silver, and holographic silver tinsel.Gills: Antron dubbing, red.External body: 2 to 4 mallard duck feathers, or similar.Sides: silver Krystal flash or Flashabou.Reverse of the head: peacock sword.Head: Fish Skull Fish Mask, so we dont use epoxi.Eyes: Fish Skull Living Eyes matching the size of the Fish Mask. View more...

Step 1

Get two saddle hackles together so it looks like one feather. Peel the feathers until only the tail is left. Insert the quills inside the mylar tube, and tie it on the hook. Careful, the tail should remain vertical. Use a black marker to make a line on the tail.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 1

Step 2

With the holographic tinsel complete the rest of the inside of the body. I tie it on the front and start wrapping backwards, then to the front again. Makes it even and without gaps.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 2

Step 3

With antron dubbing make the gills. Thick fibers maintain its size better.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 3

Step 4

Choose the duck feathers for the body. They should be broad enough and long enough to reach the back of the fly without completely covering the tail. You can use two at each side if these are very fine. But the body must be translucent, it makes the fly effective.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 4

Step 5

Tie a peacock swords bundle, short one. It’s the iris colors on the eyes of minnows and where their brain is.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 5

Step 6

Tie a Krystal Flash bundle at each side.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 6

Step 7

Cut the thread, trim and paint a dark green mark on the top of the head.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 7

Step 8

Place some acrylic resin or a similar one on the head and place the fish mask. Harden it with the right lamp some 15 seconds. Both Wet a Hook Tuffleye and Bug Bond resins dry perfectly and re-main transparent.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 8

Step 9

Glue the eyes and some resin to lock them. Finished and dried fly shown.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 9

Step 10

The head.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 10

Step 11

The translucent minnow.

Fly tying - M.M. Silver Mojarra - Step 11


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