Originally from New Zealand, the Matuka is still one of the most popular streamers in Patagonia. Not only used by fly fishermen that go after the big rainbows in november (early season) but also by those that chase the huge late season browns. Anglers who prefer to use light tackle tie these in very View more...
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List of materials
MaterialsHook: TMC 5262, 300 or similar. Size #2 to #12.Weighing (optional): lead wire.Thread: 6/0, black.Body: Dubbing (combed).Ribbing: very fine tinsel oval, silver or gold.Wing: one or two pairs of hen or rooster feathers (As similar as possible).Collar: Rooster feather.

Step 1

Wrap the lead wire along the hook shank.

Fly tying - Matuka - Step 1

Step 2

Tie a lower body in a spindle shape along the hook shank, securing the lead wire. Tie the tinsel oval over the lower body (this should not go further than the hook barb), and then place the dubbing material on the thread.

Fly tying - Matuka - Step 2

Step 3

Shape the body of the fly with dubbing. Dubbing colours may be combined.

Fly tying - Matuka - Step 3

Step 4

Remove the fibers from the lower part of the feathers. These should have the same length as the body of the fly, and should be tied next to the hook eye.

Fly tying - Matuka - Step 4

Step 5

Place the feather fibers against the body.

Fly tying - Matuka - Step 5

Step 6

Use the ribbing material to secure the feathers along the body of the fly.

Fly tying - Matuka - Step 6

Step 7

Tie a feather to shape the collar.

Fly tying - Matuka - Step 7

Step 8

Wrap the feather like a collar. Use the thread to shape the head of the fly, whip finish and cement.Comb the body.

Fly tying - Matuka - Step 8


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