Rat Time

Since I was very young, mice have called my attention. Especially fat clever country mice, the ones we used to catch in the old hay barns.Big browns and rainbow trout seem to have a similar attraction towards mice, but of course to our little hairy friends the ending is not the same.Since my early d View more...
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Rat Time
List of materials
Tying MaterialsHook: Partridge CS10 Bartlett Traditional #2/0 or Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey hook.Thread: Uni cord or Kevlar, preferably white or light colored.Tail: rabbit strap, natural color.Back: Brown foam, 2mm thick.Underbody: white foam cylinders, 4mm de diameter.Body or belly: white cross-cut rabbit strap.Sides: rabbit strap (regular cut), natural color or gray.Legs: pink silicon rubber.Nose: pink Antron STS dubbing. View more...

Step 1

Place a rabbit strap of a similar length to the hook shank and cut its hair leaving the final part untouched. Then tie it and cement with cyanoacrylate to set it tight.

Fly tying - Rat Time - Step 1

Step 2

Cut a foam strap, its width should be of 7 mm. Shape it as it is shown in the picture and tie it right past the tail, leaving just a bit towards the end. The foam should be compressed with a flat and wide thread, so that it is not cut with when pressure is applied.

Fly tying - Rat Time - Step 2

Step 3

At each side of where the foam is tied, we should tie two pink silicon rubber strips that we will trim once the fly is finished.

Fly tying - Rat Time - Step 3

Step 4

Tie a natural-colored rabbit strap at the side, over the rubber strips. The hair must point towards the eye of the fly, so that it heads to the back when we turn the strap towards the head of the fly, after tying the belly.

Fly tying - Rat Time - Step 4

Step 5

Again, tie a rabbit strap at the other side of the fly with its hairs pointing towards the eye like we did before. Then we should do the same with a white rabbit strap, cross cut, between the two other straps and at the top of the fly. The rubber legs and the three rabbit straps should be tied just before the foam, leaving no space in between.

Fly tying - Rat Time - Step 5

Step 6

At each side of the hook we should tie a white foam cylinder, making sure we press them only at the tips and not at the center section so that these float well. Once tied, cement the cylinders to the hook with cyanoacrilate. The fly should have one cylinder at each side, resembling a kind of raft.

Fly tying - Rat Time - Step 6

Step 7

Wrap the white cross-cut towards the front, using some cyanoacrilate over the white foam so that the strap is stuck on it, and giving more durability to the fly. Then tie it at the front leaving some space for the other materials.

Fly tying - Rat Time - Step 7

Step 8

Comb the white hair downwards (wetting the hair is recommended) and tie, one-by-one, the natural-colored rabbit straps, making sure the sides of the fly are covered without moving upwards.

Fly tying - Rat Time - Step 8

Step 9

The foam back should be taken down and tied firmly, and then cut and shaped as it shown in the picture. Tie two silicon legs at each side, right where the foam is compressed, and cover the knots with the pink STS dubbing, to imitate the nose of the mouse. The foam must be lifted in a 45 degrees angle so that our Rat Time skates and moves in an irresistible way on the water.

Fly tying - Rat Time - Step 9


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