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Skulpin Bunny

This sculpin model presented in the International Tackle Dealer Show of 2012 in Reno, Nevada, is really interesting when it comes to fishing for trout, golden dorado, wolf fish and other fish.I have tied them in many colors, some you can see in the picture.One that is completely black tied on a stra View more...
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Skulpin Bunny
List of materials
MaterialsHead: Fish Skull Skulpin Helmet, olive, small.Hook: Daiichi 2220 # 4 or similar. For dorados, Daiichi 2546 # 1.Thread: 6/0, olive for the body and fluorescent orange to lock the head at the back.Tail: rabbit strap, olive with black bars.Body: rabbit dubbing, orange.Hackle: Cross Cut rabbit strap, olive, two tone, with black tips.Flash: two strands of Krystal Flash at each side.

Step 1

Needle a rabbit strap. Hairs should point towards the hook bend, the hook will be inverse to avoid snagging.

Fly tying - Skulpin Bunny - Step 1

Step 2

Make a hollow body with rabbit dubbing. Start at the front, tie the dubbing up to the bend, then add another dubbing layer above it. Dubbing should cover half the hook or less.Where the dubbing ends, tie an olive rabbit strap and make a hackle towards the front. Leave some space for the head and the thread lock. You can try doing this with the head you will use. I used olive Two Tone rabbit with black tips. View more...

Fly tying - Skulpin Bunny - Step 2

Step 3

Comb the hackle so as to work with the back, that we’ll then set down. Try placing the head, it should fittight so it sticks perfectly.

Fly tying - Skulpin Bunny - Step 3

Step 4

Set down the back and tie it before the hackle, then tie a strap of orange rabbit at each side.

Fly tying - Skulpin Bunny - Step 4

Step 5

Tie two strands of Krystal Flash at each side, glue the head with epoxy or cianoacrilate. With the fluorescent thread tie before the head so as to lock it. Glue the eyes to finish our Skulpin Bunny.

Fly tying - Skulpin Bunny - Step 5

Step 6

Finished fly.

Fly tying - Skulpin Bunny - Step 6


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