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Sonic Leech

My favorite egg sucking leech. Easy to tie. Very customizable. Very effective with its erratic, pulsing action.
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Sonic Leech
List of materials
HOOK-Size 10-2 octopus style hook. (Your favorite brand, these are Laser Sharp's.)TAIL-Purple rabbit zonker. (about 15cm long)EGG-Rubber egg (orange) or glow bead.RIBBING-copper-wireTHREAD-2/0 white (I use whatever I have on my bobbin.)

Step 1

Put the egg/bead on the hook and start your thread,

Fly tying - Sonic Leech - Step 1

Step 2

Tie in your copper wire and advance thread to the back of the bead/egg.

Fly tying - Sonic Leech - Step 2

Step 3

Divide the hair of your zonker about 9cm from the end and tie in directly behind the bead/egg.

Fly tying - Sonic Leech - Step 3

Step 4

Divide the hair as you did when you tied in the zonker, and wrap the copper-wire towards the bead/egg about five even wraps should do it. Tie off wire.

Fly tying - Sonic Leech - Step 4

Step 5

Take 3-4 wraps of the zonker, tie off, remove excess, whip finish and cement.

Fly tying - Sonic Leech - Step 5

Step 6

CATCH FISH!!!!! Tight Lines Everyone!!

Fly tying - Sonic Leech - Step 6


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