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Steel Swimmer

New tying materials appear every day. Many resemble materials from the past, but others give us new choices. This is the case of the new metallic heads called Fish Skull, which come in three sizes and various colors and are great to imitate fry fish eyes and operculum. These are really easy to use a View more...
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Steel Swimmer
List of materials
Tying MaterialsHook: Daiichi 2451.Thread: 6/0 white.Body: white, chartreuse and marine blue SF (Steve Farrar).Sides: grizzly rooster saddle, dyed chartreuse.Head: Fish Skull by Flymen Fishing Company.Eyes: adhesive ( come with the heads).

Step 1

Take a bundle of SF fibers (the width of amatch) and tie it as shown in the picture. The side that goes towards the hookbend should be longer. It should not be set past the head.

Fly tying - Steel Swimmer - Step 1

Step 2

Tie a bundle of SF fibers in the ventral part in the same way. Both white.

Fly tying - Steel Swimmer - Step 2

Step 3

Bend the upper bundle to the back and tie firmly. Repeat with the lower bundle, tie and cement with liquid cianoacrilate. Impregnate the thread making sure the cianoacrilate does not impregnate the material.

Fly tying - Steel Swimmer - Step 3

Step 4

In the same way as before, tie a bundle ofchartreuse on top and a white one below, and beck to the back. A bit more atthe front than the first ones.

Fly tying - Steel Swimmer - Step 4

Step 5

Do the same with a blue bundle with white below.When turned to the back, every bundle should cover half the hook. Both the topand the lower bundles. This way, no gaps will appear on the body of the fly. Itis simple to bend and move this synthetic material.

Fly tying - Steel Swimmer - Step 5

Step 6

Use a comb to untangle, and then trim, the fly.

Fly tying - Steel Swimmer - Step 6

Step 7

Use long scissors to trim the fly. Check theshape of the fly seen from above. We will always get a bulky fly when tyingthis kind of patterns.

Fly tying - Steel Swimmer - Step 7

Step 8

The barred rooster feathers make the fly moreattractive, resembling other fish. We can also use permanent marker to draw thefish marks.

Fly tying - Steel Swimmer - Step 8

Step 9

Try the setting of the head. Some thread beforemay help to fix it tighter. Glue it with 5 minute epoxy over the thread. The threadshould be previously impregnated with cianoacrilate to avoid the fly fromturning. When the epoxy hardens, glue the eyes.

Fly tying - Steel Swimmer - Step 9


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