Library Step by Step Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire)

Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire)

Fly gets it's inspiration from the Snake and the Semper flies of Taboury and Popvics. Is my go to for low light and in the dark fishing here in my home waters of Jupiter, Fl. I primarily fish it on Cortland intermediate lines on my 7 and 8(thanks again guys)weight rods. I will cast let sink and retrieve with long slow strips of a faster more erratic action...Key: let it sink!
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Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire)
List of materials
Black bucktail, 2/0 Owner Aki hook, Black Finn raccoon fur, Slender black hackle feathers, EP Rut Beer sparkle brush, Purple crosscut rabbit strip, Black deer body hair, Loc-Tite Gel

Step 1

Tie in small bunch of bucktail at bend to prevent fouling.

Fly tying - Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire) - Step 1

Step 2

Tie in 2 small clumps of Finn fur(2-3 inches long) on either side of shank. Adjust so 360* coverage of shank.tie mini head and Loc-Tite.

Fly tying - Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire) - Step 2

Step 3

Begin tying in pairs hackle feathers working around the fly.I used either 3 or 5 pairs depending on size of fly. This particular fly is getting 5. Feathers for this fly are a little over 4 inches.

Fly tying - Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire) - Step 3

Step 4

I tie in the last pair on the top. Once done Loc-Tite head and wraps and let set before trimming the barbs.Once trimmed finish wrapping tapered "head".

Fly tying - Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire) - Step 4

Step 5

Once done with that don't hesitate to adjust feather to get desired 3D profile you are looking for. I believe one of the keys to this fly.

Fly tying - Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire) - Step 5

Step 6

Tie in EP Sparkle Brush and wrap forward anywhere from 2-4 times being aware of saving room for rabbit strip and spun head. Tie off.

Fly tying - Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire) - Step 6

Step 7

Tie in and wrap forward twice the rabbit strip.Tie off and Loc-Tite. I will also use red or black strips. Purple is my favorite though.

Fly tying - Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire) - Step 7

Step 8

Spin on two to three clumps of deer hair. Packing as you go. I do not pack really tight as I want this fly to sink. Build thread head in front of hair and then coat thread with Loc-Tite. Make a few more wraps and let set.Trim head to the shape desired. I usually prefer and bulkier head as it "pushes" more water in the dark and give the fish a better chance to "feel" it.

Fly tying - Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire) - Step 8

Step 9

Hope it gets everybody some fish. If ya do message me a pic please as i would like to see how it works else where . Tight Lines and Screaming Reels Dave

Fly tying - Triple D (Dave's Dark Desire) - Step 9


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