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Tup's Indispensable

Fly fishing is something much deeper than catching fish, and something similar happens with fly tying, where a passionate fly tyer can find amazing stories and knowledge that will be invaluable in the river.
The Tup's Indispensable is a fly that has well earned its place in history, as it is not on View more...
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Tup's Indispensable
List of materials
G.M.E Skues used mainly size 00 hooks with a sneck bend made by Hall’s. today only collectors have them, so I use a Partridge L2A, or similar ones, with a perfect bend in sizes 14 or 16. The size 00 today is practically a 16.

Thread: Pearsall’s Gossamer made of natural silk. Color: pimrose yellow. The Pearsall’s is a very traditional thread in classic English flies. You can still find it and it’s a pleasure to tie traditional flies with it. The silk’s shine cannot be found View more...

Step 1

Tie the tail with the rusty dun hen fibers, use very few fibers. The tail must be short.

Fly tying - Tup's Indispensable - Step 1

Step 2

Leaving 3 or 4 turns of yellow thread on the back, shape a tapered body with the dubbing mix by Austin and Skues. It has an amber tone with a pinkish hue.

Fly tying - Tup's Indispensable - Step 2

Step 3

Tie a hen feather (with short fibers) by its tip. Color: rusty dun. You can compare the length of the fibers with the hook gap and shank to check the proportions.

Fly tying - Tup's Indispensable - Step 3

Step 4

Comb the hen feathers to the back softly so we don’t break the raquis.

Fly tying - Tup's Indispensable - Step 4

Step 5

Wrap with 3 turns of the feather, keeping the fibers to the back.

Fly tying - Tup's Indispensable - Step 5

Step 6

Finish with a very small head and cement (with the cement you prefer). I use a touch of cyanoacrilate cement, followed by a touch of shiny varnish that dries slowly but endures much more than a lacquer varnish.

Fly tying - Tup's Indispensable - Step 6


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