This is a fly Palmer pattern, easy to tie and of proven effectiveness.
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List of materials
Thread 8/0 Hook TMC 100 size 12 Body: Peacock herls Hackles: One rooster hackle and one CDC hackle.

Step 1

On the curve of a hook right, I fix a CDC hackle to half the length, with the base from the side of the eye.

Fly tying - Palmer - Step 1

Step 2

After fixing, I lift the two halves of the hackle and I fix beside them a rooster hackle.

Fly tying - Palmer - Step 2

Step 3

At the same point, I fix three peacock herls.

Fly tying - Palmer - Step 3

Step 4

Twist peacock herls, wrap them around the shank, fix them next to the eye of the hook and cut the surplus.

Fly tying - Palmer - Step 4

Step 5

Wrap the rooster hackle around the body of peacock herls and came just before the eye, I fix it and cut the excess.

Fly tying - Palmer - Step 5

Step 6

Take half CDC hackle for the base, reverse it over the body, dividing in half rooster fibers, fix it next to the eye and cut the excess.

Fly tying - Palmer - Step 6

Step 7

Take the other half of the hackle for the tip, reverse it over to the body and, after moving the fibers along the stem, fix it just before the eye of the hook and trim excess.

Fly tying - Palmer - Step 7

Step 8

Tie the head of fly.

Fly tying - Palmer - Step 8

Step 9

Fly finished.

Fly tying - Palmer - Step 9


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