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About twenty years ago, I traveled with a friend to Junín de los Andes in the month of January and had some great fishing moments, but one of them really stuck in my mind. We got to the Aluminé river late and decided to spend the night there. The following morning I was just about to have some mat View more...
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List of materials
MATERIALSHook: size #12 to #14, dry fly hook (TMC 100 or similar).Thread: 8/0, green.Body: foam strip. Cut with scissors. Tips should be rounded with a lighter.

Step 1

Tie the foam rubber strip with several thread turns at the same spot.

Fly tying - Inchworm - Step 1

Step 2

Keep doing turns until you reach the hook eye, these should be separated evenly.

Fly tying - Inchworm - Step 2

Step 3

Tie the foam strip once again with several turns at the same spot. The section between the two points should be let loose, so that it describes a curve.Tie off and cement the thread so that it remains firm.

Fly tying - Inchworm - Step 3


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