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Slovenia Bled, Gorenjska region, Slovenia
Established far back at the 1989-er, Fauna Fly Fishing Guiding service celebrates 30th anniversary this year! Three decades of Guiding world`s visiting fly fishing guests on the territory of our Fly Fishing paradise home country - Slovenia! Passion for the sport, Love for the work and positive feedback from our visiting fly fishing friends are the fuel that kept us going for so long! Fauna Fishing Bled guarantees that every and each of you will get the best out of the given fishing day, lead by one of our skilled, friendly and of course - English speaking Guides! Feel free to contact us any time, we are sure that a good personalised offer can be tailored just for you! Take care and tight lines wherever you might roam!

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Bled, Gorenjska region, Slovenia

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Preparing for the hatch - Sava Bohinjka river
A spring afternoon - Sava Bohinjka river
Hidden river pockets of Slovenia - Only Guides know them..
Grayling - flag ship of Slovenian fly fishing
Hidden secrets of the Soca river.. Only Guides know the paths down there..
Alpine streams - home of fighting trout!
What a rise on the Sedge that was!!
Marble Trout - Unique specie of Slovenia
The last rise on the evening Cadis! Waited all the afternoon for her to rise!
Where the minds and soul find their resting place.. Nearby town Bled fishing area..
Emerald river and the Alps - where else would you prefer to land your trout!?
Gorgeous cross-breed of Marble and Brown Trout - Slovenia only!
Drop-dead view on the Soca river valley..
Virgin beaches of unknown Slovenian fly fishing rivers..
The Grayling from the Soca river basin
Meet your friends - in Slovenia, possibly on a fly fishing Guided tour!
Fly fishing picture
Gin clear rivers enabling stunning underwater photographing scenery.
Sava Bohinjka river, Bled fishing area
Wild male Rainbow Trout from the Sava Dolinka river - area of Bled town
Belly boat tour - micro larva - Giant Trout!
Unique on the whole Globe - Marble skin pattern - Marble Trout!
Lake trout from the lake Bled! Must meet the town - No.1 in Slovenia, maybe Europe!
Moment of complete concentration - one cast only he has.. sth. wrong - she will be gone!
Europe No.1 winter fishing specie - Hucho hucho carelessly catching the sun out of the fishing season!
Ephemera Danica.. or should we just be saying a MayFly?
Go on with 6X leader and she will only be laughing back at you!
Soooo close, but yet soooo far from She taking your fly if not on some 2lbs tippet!
Nobody can be more mimetic than Marbles of the Soca river basin! You walking by not noticing.. don`t worry. Your Guide will notice..
Very lazy rise on a summer afternoon - Sava Bohinjka river, Bled fishing area..
The proper outfit for a desert tank battle vehicle? No.. it`s just a Brown Trout from the Radovna river..
Now, when this snout will be shut - there will be a battle following!
Pure rivers are home of many insects!
Brown trout living a long time in the lake - turns into... beauty? Belly boat fishing on Bled area, Sava Dolinka river.
This super male of the Rainbow Trout would easily catch a minnow fish.. No.. he chooses a small ant instead!? Sava Dolinka river - Bled area
Sucking in a midge - almost impossible to get her with your dry fly.. unless your Guide has a #24 in his fly boxes!
Fly fishing picture
The famous dorsal fin of European Grayling - a flash of colours before he swims back.. ALL our catches are released back!
There she waits.... for your nymph to come close!
Those little brains are set for one thing only - taking dries from the surface.. but not all of them! Selective dry fly feeding - Guide`s prove stone!
Grayling - Sava Bohinjka river
Colors so enhanced? Just a little - the rest is a nature!
the Marble Trout Look!
Is this a freshwater specie!? Yes - Cross breed Trout with the stunning skin coloration!
Run till the backing and back! Sava Bohinjka river is a place to be!
Snow run waters and feeding Graylings - must experience once!
Jumping downtown and catching a Marble Trout along! Idrija river basin area..
Not a steelhead but did surely fight like one! Rainbow Trout Sava Bohinka river - Slovenia
Above that dam - belly boat fishing paradise! Sava Dolinka river
50cm-er, Late October month Sava Dolinka river!
The golden belly and 50+cm on the measure... super fighting male Grayling from the Sava river!
Halloween, October 31st gave this 52-er to a lucky angler! Sava river - Slovenia
Lake Bled revealed a beauty!
50-er Sava river - Slovenia
Sava Bohinjka April month.. streamer was needed for this one to go on the move!
Summer afternoon, Sava Bohinjka river, Bled area - an ant did the job here!
One of his kind - the Grayling! Sava river Slovenia
Wild `bow from the canyons of the Sava Bohinjka river, Bled club waters
Good job there! was hell of a fight hah!
Fauna Fly Shop Guide warming up before the main season kicks in! Sava Dolinka river- Slovenia
Midst of month November - Sava Bohinjka river.. still plenty to do if you are a fly fisherman..
Giant Brownie released back to the Sava Bohinjka river
Gin clear rivers - you can`t tell if he is in the water or air!?
Dorsal fin - nicer than the countries flag!
Where the stone and fish meet - Marble Trout
Radovna river - Bled area, home of Brown Trout
The Sava Bohinjka river - Spring
Sava Bohinjka river a late spring afternoon out there on the river.. caterpillars are best patterns under those trees!
The valley of the Soca river, Alps behind
So close to Bled but yet so hidden and undiscovered! Be the 1st to cast there!
Soca river - wide eye camera angle catching all the beauty there is!
Soca river - solitary angler
Adriatic river basin Grayling - the best there is if you are a dry fly fanatic!
A living jewel - marble trout
One wrong move.... one branch shaken - and it`s done. But if all right - a catch of the day!
Does not need a comment....
Does not need a comment....
Sometimes I just seat there.. and the fly rod rests.. so much of beauty ..
Dancing.. not interested for your flies.. but so worth the moment to stop and watch..
Forget about the maps.. Guide will be your living map and much more..
Sava river - Slovenia! Larger stream means larger species! A home of Hucho-hucho salmons!
A hidden spot of the Radovna river - Slovenia.. only a hunting dog could found it :-)
Beautiful feemale Grayling landed in the rapids of the Sava river - Slovenia.. 51cm er she was!

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