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Barbados Bridgetown, Barbados
After I left Barbados, I decided to create a DIY guide, to help anglers that visits Barbados.

I guided in Barbados for 4 years, before I moved back to Europe. In those years I learned alot about the behaviour of the bonefish.
Bonefish are widespread all over Barbados, but the only really suitable flat for flyfishing, holds very large fish and is the one that I concentrated on, while being there.
The guide (which will be sent as a document to your email) consists of all, what an angler will need to be successful in a location, that holds Bonefish in the range of 3-8 lb and bigger are caught. Map and detailed approaches for the different sections are all included. Accurate tide descriptions, recommendation on flies, gear in general and most important online support before AND during the  View more...

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Bridgetown, Barbados

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Part of the hunting grounds
Quiet days are the best days.
Happy bone hunter.
Keep em wet!
Mike nailed a nice one!
A nice sunny Bone!
Typical Bajan bone!
Nice bend!
Satisfied angler.
They swarm the flat, when the tide comes in.
Another one.

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