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My name is Martín Aylwin, Certified Casting (CCI) and Master Caster Instructor (MCI) of the International Federtion of fly Fishers (IFFF), certifications obtained in Montana, United States in 2013 and 2014. Teaching how to fly fish and traveling the world fishing are my passions.

Learn to fish with solid bases, or improve your casting and fishing techniques to a greater enjoyment of the sport. I invite you to have fun while learning with approved methodologies from the IFFF. Casting Classes to begginer, intermediate, advanced and instructors.


Mi nombre es Martín Aylwin, Instructor Certificado (CCI) y Master Caster Instructor (MCI) de la International Federtion of fly Fishers (IFFF), certificaciones que obtuve en Montana, Estados Unidos, el año 2013 y 2014. Mi pas View more...

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En la capacitación de Instructores Master para el EDP (Examiners Pathway Development), en Livington Montana, para poder convertirme en examinador de la IFFF.)

In Examiners Pathway Development (EDP) classes, in Livington Montana, to become a examiner.
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Celebrando junto a Fernando Mosso y Alfonso Pola nuestras certificaciones junto con algunos descatados instructores de la IFFF - Bruce Richards, Tim Lawson, David Diaz, Chuck Easterling, Steve Hollendsen, Jim Valle y Jon VanDalen
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