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Argentina Chos Malal, Neuquen Norte, Argentina

Guide, Fly Tying instructor, Casting instructor

Our operation is developed in rivers and lagoons located in the north of the province of Neuquén. In the vicinity of the towns of Las Ovejas, El Cholar, Varvarco and Manzano Amargo.
The North Neuquén, offers the fisherman the unique possibility of walking and fishing for several days without crossing with other fishermen, it is one of the least populated regions of the province.
The proposed itinerary includes a range of streams, rivers and lagoons as varied as anywhere else in the country. Ideal to meet the expectations of all types of fishermen.
The Trocoman, Reñileivú, Buraleo, Nahueve, Neuquén Superior rivers and all their tributaries (many and very interesting) and the Huaraco, Varvarco, Aquihuecó and Epulauquenn lagoons represent the ideal setting for fishing operations adapted View more...


Rainbow trout, Brown trout

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Chos Malal, Neuquen Norte, Argentina

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